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Software that improves your productivity and reduces costs, software developed with scalability in mind.

Moving forward through investments in technology is becoming a measure of sustainability for today’s businesses. Costs are ever growing; contributing to the risks (a heavy one in fact) and one’s accountability in a business’s investment – having to engage a trustable vendor, looking into the infrastructure purchase, duration required for completion and teething issues post implementation. Just a misjudgement in any of these elements and the project is already at risk.

Web Application Development – What makes us unique?

Our software development starts with a rigorous study to ensure the end product is scalable and fast. This is to ensure the system is of high performance and quality thus reducing the risks of bugs. Let’s take it a step at a time to ensure a high quality system that would help shift your business.

Our development team is highly experienced and we know the many rules of thumb to ensure a high quality system and where cloud development is concerned – numerous processing elements for the computation, storage, database and so forth. These elements work together but have their own requirements to work faster by requesting more resources if needed; meaning your system would “self-scale” when required.

Cloud Software Requirement Analysis


Understanding your system requirements would be our first goal. With proper understanding, we would be able to provide you with best practices and best approach to have a great end-developed product.

Having individual scalable components bring many benefits to the system response thus improving overall perfomance. This is mainly to ensure different cloud components have individual scale characteristics to harmoniously work together within the system and “self-scale” when required. Think of it as a car that within a split second, transforms into a sports car when you’re on the highway to ensure you reach your destination fast while on normal roads, it automatically transforms into a hybrid for better fuel economy.

As a highly experienced software development company, this is our commitment; to ensure our system behaves in a manner that suits your changing needs. It changes for you, not the other way around.

On-Premise to Cloud Analysis


Being on the cloud; you eliminate the dependency of your connection between your local server and the local Internet Solution Provider (ISP). As cloud is a technology that is geographically redundant running on multiple datacentre throughout the world, you can be guaranteed a 99.9% uptime. We use Microsoft Azure cloud as the backend of all software we develop; therefore, you can be rest assured of its reliability and support.



Having individual components brings a lot of benefits to the response of the system. Think of it as a car in which would automatically transform into a sports car when you’re on the highway to get you to your destination fast while on normal roads it would automatically transform into a hybrid for better fuel economy.

This is our commitment to you; to ensure the software components behave in an independent and effective manner.

Cost Effective


Reduce your business capital expenditure by not investing in hardware as your servers would now be in the cloud. Reinvest these extra budgets into the business to drive your sales and marketing campaigns and increase your revenues – the goal for all businesses.

Our Commitment

Based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Servecomp's priority is to ensure optimum satisfaction of its customers by going the extra mile; to provide quick and reliable service beyond expectations. This allows them to stay ahead in the game, giving them the upper-hand in the market.

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